We are not your traditional consulting agency.


Remember 2019, when we took so much for granted? Then, 2020 arrived and so did Covid-19. Suddenly, nothing was assured and the future became even more uncertain.

But perhaps it was like that all along?

Covid-19 has revealed to all of us, the uncertainty and complexity of our interconnected world. People everywhere are shocked—but they shouldn’t be. The tectonic plates of our changing world have been radically shifting for the past two decades—they were just too busy to notice.

Think Garden wasn't too busy. We noticed.

And since 2010, we prepared.

As the world begins to reconfigure anew,

It's time to shift our thinking.

Think Garden brings our deep expertise in the complexity and network sciences to offer a new approach for organisational strategy, structure and culture.

We have more than two decades of consulting experience across five continents, operating simultaneously as management practitioner, organisational researcher, complexity theorist, and cultural anthropologist.

We understand that working with complexity instead of against it, is the
key to survival for organisations—organisations like yours.

Will you join us?

We work with 21st Century knowledge for 21st Century times. We are a rapidly emerging global leader in what we do.

We are not your traditional consulting agency.