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Praxis and reflection in practice: samples of our collective learning.

Much of the lab’s commissions begin at the senior executive level of government and business, which—although a bastion of intelligence and hard-fought experience—is often where the confounding and intractable problems remain unresolved. We often get asked the 'so what?' question i.e. “Yes we understand that the world is complex, but so what? Tell us something we didn't already know.”

As we have said before, understanding complexity is not a challenge of intelligence, but rather of perception. The 'so what?' question is only answered once the challenge of perception is overcome: this challenge involves the breaking of pattern-entrainment from decades of professional organisational experience. Further answers become apparent as the lab’s approach becomes further distributed across the system. In time, the answers become self-evident, everywhere.

Our portfolio will be a collection of written word, case studies, audio and video from our past decade of work. It will be designed to help you overcome the challenge of perception (particularly with regard to what it actually is that we do at Think Garden). But please bear with us: 2019, 2020 and 2021 have been incredibly busy years for us, and we have some catching up to do!

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